CAD & 3D Scanning

Preserve your most treasured jewellery pieces and store a safe digital profile for future generations to use and pass on with our 3D scanning services.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D scanning have revolutionised the jewellery industry without replacing the traditional skills of the trade, changing the way that customers and jewellers create bespoke jewellery and the way that we as consumers document and connect with our most precious personal items.

Our ECHO 3D Scanning service utilises structured blue light technology in a complex series of movements and patterns projected across the jewellery item. This is in turn captured by a dual-camera system, allowing the scanner to interpret the play of light across the item’s surface and generate a point cloud within a virtual space. The computer can then convert the point cloud into a solid object ready for 3D modelling or printing.

After the scanning process, your piece will be cleaned and you will be provided a certificate with a unique identifier. The file is then securely stored for you in case you should ever need to recreate the piece in the future.

Phenix also recommends arranging a valuation certificate with your 3D scan for complete digital profile of your piece.

Phenix currently offers 3D scanning services for $35 per piece.

Terms and conditions apply. Price may vary for complicated/intricate items. Contact us for a quote.

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