Find your Stone, Build your Future - How to Choose Your Perfect Engagement Ring

by Jeannette Krause & Maddy Robinson — 14 Feb 2021

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days of the year for proposals, and it's not hard to understand why. As an international day to celebrate love, engagements and proposals just go hand in hand. To celebrate Valentine's Day, we're exploring the most romantic piece of jewellery of them all - an engagement ring.

Choosing an engagement ring can be an incredibly daunting task. Engagement rings represent commitment, eternal love and we want them to be timeless. Some of us have our engagement rings chosen for us, and some have the opportunity to choose for themselves. Both options have huge sentiment and meaning, and an engagement ring is a huge next step in a relationship.

To get the low down on what goes into choosing an engagement ring, we chat to Jeannette – superstar consultant and long time member of the Phenix family.

What's the first thing you say to customers when they visit you in the showroom?

"What look are we after?" Every customer is different. Whether that be in their own aesthetic preference or the shape of their hand, each customer is going to be different. Most who come into our showroom looking for the engagement ring have already decided on what they are looking for. They might have researched online or have been window shopping, but they've decided what kind of stone and style that are keen on. It's important to be open and honest because customer's do change their mind after trying a few rings on.

Do you have a lot of customers who change their minds about their stone choice?

You'd be surprised to know how many customers walk out with something completely different, but not because they are fickle or uncertain, but because what they want might not be the same as what suits them. Just because something looks good on the internet doesn't mean it's going to look the same on you. So, try a bunch of different stone shapes and sizes to figure out what is best for you.

For example, I had a customer come in who was dead set on a pear shape. She saw it online, and that's what she wanted. After trying a few different things on, she ended up choosing an oval shape. It just matched her finger shape better and even chose a smaller stone than what she was looking for because her fingers were quite delicate, the stone looked oversized. Keep an open mind and you'll find the best one for you.

What kind of style choices would you suggest to customers?

Get your diamonds set in white gold. Even if you prefer the yellow or rose gold look, white claws help your diamond look bigger, whiter, and clearer. Reflections from the coloured gold can darken your diamond. Unless you have a coloured stone that matches the gold colour, stick to white to make sure your diamond shines bright.

Also, plan your future. If you're buying an engagement ring, there's a pretty good chance you're going to want to buy a wedding ring and an eternity ring later down the track. Keep this in mind when selecting your ring, since you'll have to make sure they fit and match the engagement ring.

Should a customer bring in a picture of what they're looking for? Does this help?

If you'd like to, but it's not completely necessary. Unless you are looking at having something specially designed for yourself – and even then, we're going to draw it up with them. We have plenty of styles in the showroom to go through because, like I said, what you want when you walk in isn't necessarily going to be what your heart settles on.

What's the most important thing about choosing an engagement ring?

The centre stone and setting are number one. This will define the look and style of the ring. Once we find a shape that suits you best, everything else just flows on from there.

Is budget a big deal? Do you need to have a lot of cash to get the right look?

Not necessarily. There are lots of options nowadays that even if you are keen on a certain style, we can use alternatives like Moissanites and White Sapphires if a diamond doesn't suit your budget. I would say know your budget range. Most customers end up going over budget anyway, so it's more important to know how much you'd like to spend, and the most you'd be willing to spend. We can always try to fit somewhere between there.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Be honest, and don't hold back – you can always ask questions about anything. We don't want anyone to walk out of here with something they don't like, so please speak up if something doesn't feel right. Our job is to make sure you are completely happy with your ring.

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