Bespoke Feature: Platinum Shouldered Solitaire Diamond Ring

5 Mar 2020

Platinum Shouldered Solitaire Diamond Ring

To say this piece is delicate, intricate, complicated and beautiful is an understatement. To quote Hussam, our Sydney Showroom Manager: “In all my years in the jewellery industry, this piece is some of the best work I have ever seen.” And it’s hard to disagree.

While trying to protect her precious possessions during a raging storm, a series of unfortunate events lead to the setting of Stephanie’s gorgeous ring crushed and broken, and the diamond was nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, after a few weeks of searching intensively through her garage, the 2.99ct diamond was found. Phew!

3ct Diamond Ring

Due to the intricacies of the ring, it could not be repaired without risking the structural integrity of the setting, whilst keeping its beautiful and ornate features. Hussam inspected the piece and determined the ring needed to be remade in order to restore it to its beautiful self.

Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring

This ring is no ordinary ring - the ornate features of the setting meant this needed some special treatment. With a master craftsman specialising in delicate pieces on deck, the piece was completely remade by hand in platinum.

The completed ring was awe inspiring and breathtaking. Hussam himself said the ring was the most complicated but some of the best work he has ever seen. On collection, Stephanie was absolutely over the moon with the ring - her beautiful ring now returned to its former glory.

Platinum Shouldered Solitaire Diamond Ring

Platinum Shouldered Solitaire Diamond Ring Platinum Shouldered Solitaire Diamond Ring Platinum Shouldered Solitaire Diamond Ring

Piece details: Platinum handmade diamond shouldered solitaire ring, with one 2.99ct JK VS2 old European cut diamond and 28=0.36ct GH SI single cut diamonds.

Valuation Total: $56,160 (as of NOV 2019)

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