Styling your jewellery with your winter wardrobe

by Maddy Robinson — 11 Jun 2020

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Winter is here! Going outside is something that has been foreign to some of us for a few months until very recently. Now that restrictions are easing, it is time to start flaunting the very best from your wardrobe - put away those trackie dacks, it’s time to pull out the seasonal wear! Now, winter in Australia is a lot shorter than some of our neighbours, so we must make the most of it while it's here. Here is a few pointers on how to style your jewellery with your winter wardrobe. 

Ditch the stackables - go for big and bold pieces.

Winter usually means the sweaters, jackets and jumpers make an appearance from the bottom of the cupboard drawers. Rather than layering or stacking multiple necklaces, grab a long, bold chain that you can easily put on over your sweater or scarf combo, or a chunky ring that doesn't catch when you pull your gloves on and off. A bold piece can also make a simple wardrobe of solid or neutral colours look more luxy and expensive.

Bring out your broody brooches.

When the big jackets make their appearance, the sparkly brooches do too! A golden brooch on a black jacket looks stunning and will add class and elegance to your look in a second. If you are short on a brooch that makes your outfit pop, try a statement earring on one or both collars. You'll look chic as!

Choose some chunky bangles.

Statement pieces are a must with a winter wardrobe - but it can be hard when your sleeves hide your favourite bangle. Hey trend setter, try wearing it over top of your sleeves! Your clothes will give your jewellery a beautiful backdrop to highlight its best features. Try different colours to get the best contrast on your pieces.

Pearls – perfect for anything.

To be honest, pearls look great at any time of year, but a well-placed pearl compliments a long black jacket or a dark coloured sweater. Go for a simple stud or a long strand of pearls for a classic and elegant look. If your winter wardrobe is lighter in colour, try switching it up with black Tahitian or coloured pearls.

‘Tis the season for statement studs.

When your hair is out, your scarf is on and the woollen jumpers come out, long earrings can get caught and be a bit awkward to untangle, especially if you're constantly taking your layers on and off between the cold outside and an air-conditioned inside. A few statement studs to cycle through can really complete your look and create a unique chic look when you're wearing the same jacket or jumper every day.

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And one more thing… Be careful!

Winter brings out knitted favourites, but thick threads with natural holes can spell disaster for your engagement ring, or a favourite pair of diamond studs. Whether you tear a hole in your sweater or break a loose claw on your ring, these things can make a good day go bad.

For pieces with claws, be careful when taking your layers on an off - or even pull your jewellery off first before you shrug off a sweater. A few seconds of care can save you an awful tragedy of a lost stone or a tear in your favourite cardigan. And, if you do experience your pieces catching on your clothes, make sure to quickly get your jewellery checked to make sure there are no small fractures in the claws that could lead to an accident later on.

If you need to update your accessories for winter or need us to quickly check your pieces before you start flaunting them for the season, our doors are open! Click here to book an appointment or give us a call on 1300 750 950.

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