Jewellery Design Awards Finalist!

By Maddy Robinson February 3 2020

Parramatta showroom manager Soukata is back at it again! Back in July, the Jewellery Design Awards (JDA) finalists were announced at the  International Jewellery & Watch Fair (IJWF) in the International Convention Centre, Sydney.

Joshua Zarb, general manager Expertise Events, which organises both the JDA and the IJWF, said his team had been “blown away by the calibre of entries”.

“First and foremost, the purpose of the Jewellery Design Awards is to celebrate the amazing skills within the industry in Australia and New Zealand,” Zarb said. “It’s a way to recognise the talent that’s out there, and identify new, up and coming designers and jewellers [with the Student/Apprentice categories]. That’s what keeps our whole industry strong over all.”

The winner was chosen on the 25 August, 2019, selected by judges Brett Low, Lester Brand and David Ole. Judging was based on weighted criteria, with four key considerations: originality and creativity of the design, technical difficulty of construction, craftsmanship and finish of the piece, and wearability.

Soukie entered and was selected in the Diamond Category as part of the top 5 with an 18ct and 9ct yellow gold diamond ring set named Amoresque.

In a recent Instagram post, Soukata commented: "Sharing one of the very special moments from last year when I became a finalist in Diamond Award category at JDA awards 2019 along with some very eminent jewellers from the Australian Jewellery Industry, whose works have inspired me immensely when I first started my jewellery career in Australia 4 and a half years ago. I was extremely delighted to even have my name on that list."

Amoresque Luxury Jewellery

Item: Ring set

Name of piece: Amoresque

Inspiration: These love/wedding rings are inspired by from the imperial beauty and continuity of Arabesque patterns – interlaced designs seen in Middle Eastern art – and convey the harmony of everlasting love. The title is derived from the combination of two words: amore, meaning ‘love’ and Arabesque. The combination is metaphorical, poetic and meaningful. The rings are an artistic representation of the eternal order and union in a relationship. Meanwhile, the diamonds depict forever love.

Name of piece: 18-carat yellow gold, 9-carat yellow gold, diamond

A wonderful achievement by Soukata and we are Phenix are so proud to have her as a part of the team. Well done!!

Want your own design by Soukata, the award-winning jewellery designer? Give us a call on 1300 750 950 and chat with us about your designs today!

Sources: Jeweller Magazine (c) 2020 Gunnamatta Media

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