Bespoke Feature: 18ct White Gold Diamond Pave Ring

25 Aug 2020

18ct White Gold Diamond Pave Ring

Losing a stone from a sentimental piece can be devastating. Jewellery often comes with strong memories associated with it, so it can often feel like losing a part of a memory.

When Danielle visited Pam in our Gold Coast showroom, the centre stone of her trilogy ring had been lost. Using the two remaining diamonds, Pam had them fashioned into a pair of diamond halo studs. Danielle loved her new earrings, and gave her an idea - to turn the matching ring, that was paired with the trilogy, into another, new memory.

18ct White Gold Diamond Pave Ring

The ring wouldn't be the same without it's partner, so why not recreate it into its own, stunning piece? Pam and Danielle worked together on a design that would bring out the sparkle of ALL the diamonds, and based it on a design Danielle had seen before. They created this pave style coin, using all of the diamonds from her last ring, and a few others to really help shine come through.

18ct White Gold Diamond Pave Ring

The end result was an absolutely stunning, signature piece. Featuring 29 diamonds in total, the original 23 0.10ct diamonds sit, clustered in the centre, with the 9 0.03ct diamonds around the edge to bring the sparkle right to the edge of the white gold setting.

18ct White Gold Diamond Pave Ring

When she came to collect the finished piece, Danielle fell in love instantly. Pam took some quick snaps of her and her new favourite ring, close to her heart.

18ct White Gold Diamond Pave Ring
18ct White Gold Diamond Pave Ring

Thank you so much to Pam and our workshop team for creating this sparkling masterpiece.

Piece details: 18ct white gold handmade pave set diamond ring, set with 23 x 0.10 diamonds and 6 x 0.03ct diamonds GH SI.

Valuation Total: $13,445.00 (as of FEB 2020).

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