Helpful Hints for Buying That Perfect Jewellery Gift

By Tiffany Masci September 4 2019

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Buying gifts can be hard and sometimes a daunting process especially when you want the gift to say ‘I know you’. Here are some helpful hints when buying your next gift.

  1. Consider the occasion.
  2. Is it an anniversary, a birthday or a Christmas present? The occasion can tell you where emotion and sentiment is needed and what kind of gift is appropriate.

  3. Don't try to change their style.
  4. Don't waste your money on something completely out of their look - like buying an intricate piece for someone who likes a minimal look. It will sit in a jewellery box and they won't wear it.

  5. Look at what they already have.
  6. This will help to show gaps in their personal collection and avoid things they already have.

  7. Give something versatile.
  8. An adaptable piece will allow the wearer to mix and match with other jewellery - sometimes the best pieces are ones that can be worn in the office and on a night out!

  9. Don't assume you need to spend big to get the perfect piece.
  10. Big dollars does not mean your gift will land. Think more about what they might like, and not how much to spend.

  11. Consider current trends.
  12. In trend items are likely to be shown off. Keep an eye out for current trends and look into what their favourite celebrities are wearing.

  13. Buy a quality piece.
  14. Do your research and avoid impulse buying - when it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

  15. Plan Ahead.
  16. Give yourself a good amount of time to plan - 2 weeks or a month gives you enough time to not only explore options, but shop around for the best deals.

  17. Ask a friend for advice.
  18. If you're not sure, why not ask a friend or family member for help? Those close to your giftee might even give you ideas! (Make sure they can keep a secret... shhh)

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