5 Things You Didn't Know About Citrines

By Tiffany Masci November 7 2019

Citrine is the gorgeously sunny birthstone for November bubs so we thought we would tell you five facts about this interesting stone. 

1. Citrine is the healing gemstone.

Img Src: Pixabay

Those who wear this warm and fun loving gemstone around their necks are said to be happier and have a more positive outlook on life. This is because this stone is so bright it resembles the sun and all things cheerful!

2. Citrines make an excellent everyday stone.

Img Src: Harper's Bazaar

As well as the spiritual properties, this durable stone can withstand chipping and scratching, making for a perfect addition to any jewellery collection

3. 'Citrine' is derived from the French word 'citrin' - which means lemon.

This fun typically yellow stone also known as the purple Amethyst's yellow cousin can be found in a range of colours from the faintest of yellows to deepest and darkest oranges.

4. Citrines are the stones of success.

Img Src: Wall Street Journal

An Ancient Chinese legend named the citrine stone as "the stone of success" and was given only to those who are exceptionally generous. Citrines were typically worn by Chinese Emperors as they believed it would make them more intelligent and broaden their minds.

5. Citrines are ~magical~.

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Citrines were believed to have magical and spiritual powers during the Modern European period, and were thought to repel evil spirits. Eeekkkk!! Just another reason to get your hands on a citrine piece.

Think a Citrine might be your next pick for a stone? Check out our range of Citrines here!

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